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Trio Brush

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Information about our Trio Brush Mat

The entrance mat Trio Brush is a worthy replacement for a classic aluminum profile mat.  There are many reasons for this.  Firstly the catchment zones.  With the classic aluminum entrance mat, there are gaps between the profiles which collect the dirt.  But with passing time, these zones will become completely filled and the function of the mat will become compromised.  If the dirt is removed with a vacuum cleaner, it cannot all be removed as the vacuum cleaner will not have sufficient power to remove the dirt.  You also have catchment zones with the Trio Scraper entrance mat however these zones are much easier to clean with a vacuum cleaner as the zones are easier to access.

The Trio Brush entrance mat can be cut to size immediately from the roll enabling an almost immediate delivery. 



Customized or in roll format of 2m wide and a length of 20m

Pile height:


Pile material:

100% Polypropylene base with alternating Polyamide brushing and drying strips

Total height:

13 mm

Total weight:

3,5 kg/m²

Backing material:

Anti-slip Latex

Available colors:

Anthracite, Black, Brown, Grey, Silver

Water absorption:

3 - 4 liter per m²

Dimensional tolerance:

+/- 0,5 %

Traffic High foot traffic. The mat should be glued into place in the event of light trolley movement.



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