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Sticky Sanitary Mat

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Information about our Sticky Sanitary Mat

These adhesive floor mats have a tacky adhesive-coated film that effectively captures dirt, dust, and fiber shards from foot traffic and equipment wheels before entering and when exiting controlled environments. Each layer is numbered, which helps both to ensure one-sheet removal and to identify the number of remaining sheets. Low-profile construction reduces the risk of tripping and allows free movement of foot or wheel traffic.

The adhesive mat contains 30 transparent sheets, measuring 24" × 36" (609.9 mm × 914.4 mm), with polyethylene film backing. Simply remove the clear backing, marked with a piece of tape, from the back of the mat to expose a tacky adhesive backing that sticks directly to a clean, dry floor.

- 4 pads of 30 layers each (120 total layers per case)

-Sticky mats act as a barricade for sterile environments 

-Recommended for food packaging, medical and manufacturing facilities 

-Use each sheet many times before peeling off

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