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Access Beach Mat

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Information about our Access Beach Mat

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Access Beach Mats are the ideal solution for use on sandy beaches. It allows easy access for people to enjoy the beach with strollers, reduced mobility, and elderly. The material is high quality and doesn't retain the heat of the sun and is UV Resistant. Easy installation, maintenance, and removal. 


- Flat surface comfortable for barefoot users

- Easy access for strollers, elderly people, and people with reduced mobility - Treated edges: no risk of fraying

- Doesn’t retain the heat of the sun, UV resistant

- Easy installation, maintenance, and removal 

- Does not retain the sand, lightweight

- Made from recyclable polyester

- 3 year warranty 

3 Widths are Available: • 1 m • 1.52 m • 1.83 m

Length: Comes as a roll-out matting system of 30 meters length at most (connectable). We adapt and customize the length upon request.

Thickness: 3.41 mm 

Weight: 2 KG/ sqm

Colors: Blue or Brown

Material: 100% polyester

Applications & Installation Conditions:

Necessary Tools - It's so simple all you require are: 

- A  Hammer

- A Broom

Step 1- Upgrade of the Ground

On sandy beaches, a broom is good enough to flatten the ground. Then you can unwind the mats at the desired location.

Step 2 –  Connect the Mats

To connect two mats or two connectors, you must superimpose the connectors and insert the clips into the holes intended for it. Make sure you installed the side with a connector in the direction where you aim to anchor another mat. We recommend that you insert stakes for each edge of the mat in order to correctly anchor the connector to the ground.


Step 3 – Anchorage of the mats to the ground

After you unroll your mat at the desired location, you must hammer the stakes into the loops in order to anchor the mats to the ground.

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